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Legal Document Services

We provide Legal Document Services including Business Formation Services and Estate Planning Services.

Estate Planning Services

WillsLiving TrustsTrust AdministrationDeed of TrustGrant DeedsPromissory NoteQuit Claim DeedsReconveyance DeedRemoving from the TitleAdding Spouse to the Title

Business Formation Services

Sole Proprietorships/ IndividualsLimited Liability CompaniesPartnershipsCorporationsS-Corporation

Mehrnoush Khani

Mehrnoush H. Khani obtained her Graduate Degree in Law from University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense in Paris, France. She is a registered and bonded Legal Document Assistant in California. Legal Khani is a service company providing affordable services to help you with your Estate Planning, Living Trust, Will, Business Formation Services, Notary Public. We speak French and Persian.

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